meet The founder

Sara Baar

Say Hey Studio was founded with the desire to support female business owners. I really care about my clients—collaboration and communication is at the core of what I do.

With a background in fashion, beauty and the wellness industries, I work with brands that seek to combine engaging visuals with meaning. Supporting other women through photography and design has been my most fulfilling creative endeavour to date.

Commit to Action

Say Hey Studio encourages white business owners to research and donate to local organizations that center Black and Indigenous voices. We've committed to make monthly donations to the following causes:
Vancouver Black Therapy and Advocacy Fund
A not-for-profit initiative that raises funds to make mental health support more accessible to Black community members in the Lower Mainland.
Nuzi Collective
A vibrant organization dedicated to providing a platform for Black women, woc & trans folks within the Vancouver electronic music scene.
Raven Trust
A non-profit charitable organization that provides financial resources for Indigenous legal defence.