Kenzie Cates

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Photography
  • Project Management
  • Social Content Creation

Kenzie Cates is a pop musician and singer-songwriter based in British Columbia. We worked with Kenzie for over a year, first through brand photography then for her brand's identity and project management leading up to her single releases. We liaised with creatives and photographers for music videos, reels and additional photoshoots.

Her brand is playful, colorful and and bright, just like her music.

A squash, papaya and bird of paradise flower arranged against a green backdrop.A papaya with a yellow flower perched on top of it against a blue and orange backdrop.A grapefruit in pink netting with an orange fruit and yellow flower sitting on top of it.A papaya with a blue drink umbrella poking out of it, reflected in a mirror against a blue and orange backdrop.A papaya, pink net, yellow flower and mirror arranged against an orange and dark green background.A pear and oranges in a pink net bag sitting on an orange surface.Pink gloved hand reaching for a pear in front of an orange backdrop.Still life of fruit and found objects against an orange backdrop.Still life of oranges, limes and avocados against a green backdrop.